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Documentation & Usage

01. Getting Started

Thank You!

First of all a huge THANK YOU for purchasing our WordPress Theme at ThemeForest. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please contact me via support tab of the item at Themeforest. You can also follow me on Themeforest to keep track of all theme updates and future themes.

Theme Requirements

In order to proceed with the theme installation, you need to make sure you have the latest version of WordPress (3.5+) on your self-hosted site.

If you are new to WordPress, I would recommend learning a little bit about it before you get started. Below is helpful Resources to get you started with WordPress:

02. Install Theme

Theme Installation via WordPress

In order to install this Theme into WordPress, you should directly upload the file via the WordPress Theme Uploader.

  1. Unzip download file then find file. Please skip this step if you download only theme package.
  2. Log into your admin panel and browse for Appearance → Themes.
  3. Click Add New
  4. Click the Upload Theme
  5. Follow the instructions by choosing the file "", located in the archive which you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click Install Now button.
  6. Click Activate, once the upload has finished.
  7. Then you will see a notification message to activate the required plugins. Follow the steps to install and activate each plugin.

Theme Installation via FTP

A further option to install this Theme, would be to upload it via FTP manager. It really doesn't matter which of the two ways you choose, use this way when you get problem install via Wordpress.

  1. Login to your FTP account and navigate to your WordPress Installation directory.
  2. Navigate to the folder /wp-content/themes
  3. Unzip theme file on your computer
  4. Upload the "look" folder (not the .zip-file)
  5. Now log into your WordPress backend
  6. Navigate to Appearance > Themes
  7. Find the Theme and click Activate

Plugins I would recommend:

  • Redux Framework - This is an important plugin for the theme, that is theme options of theme and you must install it before doing anything with the theme.
  • Ruby Import - If you want to get one click to import all demos, you must install and active it, You can also disable it after you finish the import.
  • Envato Market - This plugin will let you know when our theme is updated. Install the plugin and enter your Envato Marketplace username & and your API key.
We recommend you to install these plugins to get more from the theme.
Other plugins we recommend to you to install:

Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack - Display gird gallery in single post

Contact Form 7 - Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup

MailChimp for WordPress - MailChimp for WordPress, the absolute best. Add subscribers to your MailChimp lists from your WordPress site, with ease.

Regenerate Thumbnails - Usefull if your site already have a lot of content and images. Allows you to delete all old images size and regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.

Widget Importer & Exporter - MailChimp for WordPress, the absolute best. Add subscribers to your MailChimp lists from your WordPress site, with ease.

You can disable and remove "Regenerate Thumbnails" and "Widget Importer & Exporter" after finishing to setup the theme.

03. Import Demo

I strongly recommended to run Demo Import only on a fresh WordPress site. Try import theme options and widgets if you site already data.

Some copyrighted images won't be imported.

One Click To Import Demo (optional)

With the Look theme, you have the option to either start building your site from scratch, or choosing to import one of our demo sites to use as a starting point, and modifying it to suit your needs.

Look comes with a one-click import feature. To import one of demo sites, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your admin panel
  2. Navigate to Look (Theme Options) -> Demo Importer
  3. Select what demo you wish, Then click on Import
Please be patient and do not navigate away from this page while the import is in the process. This may take up to several minutes ( according to your server speed). This page will refresh when the import is completed.
If the process is still not running after 5 min, You can refresh the page and click import again.

Import Demo Via XML file (optional)

1. Import data

The theme comes with a .xml file containing demo content you can import into your WordPress site. This will help you get started, in case you are running on a fresh WP installation with no content at all. To upload the demo content follow this steps:

  1. Navigate to Tools → Import.
  2. Click on Wordpress link (if the Importer plugin is not installed, install it now).
  3. Select the demo.xml file located in the archive which you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click Upload file and import button. This process may take a few min
  4. After finish, Navigate to Appearance -> Menus -> Menu locations then assign Menu for menu and then click Save.
  5. You are done! Now your site is populated with demo content.

1. Import Theme Options

  1. Select the theme-option.txt file located in the archive which you have downloaded from ThemeForest. Open this file with TXT editor, select all text and then copy it.
  2. Navigate to Look(Theme options) → Imported/Exported. Click Imported from the file. and then paste texts you have just copied. And then, click Import (2 times).

3. Import Widget

  • Install and active plugin: Widget Importer & Exporter
  • Navigate to Tools → Widget Importer & Exporter.
  • Click on Import link.
  • Select the widgets.wie file located in the archive which you have downloaded from ThemeForest and click "Upload file" button.
  • Don't forget install "Widget Importer & Exporter" before import widgets

    Migrating From Another Theme

    If you are migration from a theme which used the native featured images functionality of WordPress, please use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to resize all the thumbnails. Click the link above and download the free plugin, and read through the steps it contains, it has all the information you need.

    04. Theme Options

    • If you want to change the general Options of the Theme, navigate to your Admin Pannel -> Look. Here you have a tabbed Navigation where you can change a lot of Options of your new Theme (General, Styling, Typography etc.)

    • With Theme Options you easily take control over your site, by allowing you to upload your logo and favicon, style the appearance of the theme with your custom colors, change fonts, turn features on and off, paste custom CSS and JS code, paste the Analytcs code without having to write any code.

    Before adjusting the first setting, you should first click on the Save Options button, to insert all default data to the database and make sure everything looks good.

    05. Setting Up Header

    Header Options

    • One of the first things you might want to do after you have installed and activated your Look theme is to set up your header area. The header contains the logo, menu, search bar, side area bar, and social icon.
    • To set up your header, go to Look → Header Options from the admin panel. The settings you define here will be the default settings for header site.

    Header Style

    To choose header style for the site, Please navigate to Look -> Header Options -> Header Style


    To add your logo to the header, Please follow below steps:

    • navigate to Look -> Header Options from the admin panel
    • Then select tab Header Style Options -> Site Logo (Matching with header style you have chosen), Then lick on Upload to upload your logo
    To make your logos retina ready, upload to ones that are twice as high as the default logo. For example, a logo of 100 pixels in height would require a retina logo that's 200 pixels high. This principle applies to all logos you upload.

    Off Canvas

    To setup Off Canvas for your Look theme, Please navigate to Look -> Header Options -> Off Canvas Options

    06. Setting Up Home Page

    Use the Pagebuilder to setup HomePage (For News, Magazine Website)

    Step 1: Prepare the page:
    1. Navigate to: Pages > Add New
    2. Enter the title for this page: Homepage or Home or whatever you wish.
    3. At the right side of your screen find the "Page Attributes" box and select "Page Composer" in the "Template" dropdown
    Step 2: Setup page layout:

    After selecting the "Page Composer" template you see the Page Composer interface which easily lets you create the homepage layout. To get started please click on sections you want to create.

    1. Full Width Section - Display content without sidebar.
    2. Has Sidebar Section - Display content with sidebar.
    3. After selecting the section. You will see all the available blocks in this section you can add to your homepage.
    Step 3: The the page as HomePage:
    1. Navigate to: Dashboard > Settings > Reading
    2. At the "Front Page Displays" option select "A static page"
    3. At the "Front page:" dropdown, Please select your "Homepage" page.
    4. You are done! Now you have your Homepage.

    homepage setup

    Setup HomePage as the latest blog listing (For Blog Wesbite)

    To set up Homepage, Please following below steps:

    • Navigate to Settings -> Reading
    • At Front page displays option, select Your latest posts
    Blog Page Options:

    Look includes many of the features and layouts I have implemented into it to help you create a standout blog. To setup up home page layout, Please navigate to Look -> Home Options

    09. Setting Up Categories

    Creating category

    To start managing categories, You must create category first

    Please navigate to Posts → Categories. First do all the usual stuff: type the category name and slug

    Setting Up Category

    To get started, Please navigate to Look → Categories Options then select options you want to change, those settings will affect to all categories

    Below is list some options of category page options

    • Category Layout - Select the layout for all category.
    • 1st Classic Post - Enable classic post layout at the 1st post.
    • Header Background - Background image for all categories.
    • Sidebar Position - Select sidebar position for all category. This option will override default sidebar position setting.

    Setting for each category

    to setup for each category, Please following below the below steps:

    • Navigate to Posts > Categories then select a category you want to change, then click on "edit"
    • At the bottom of the page, You can see the "LOOK CATEGORY OPTIONS"
    • Below is list of options of category options
      • Category Layout - Select the layout for this category.
      • Category Color Picker - Select the color for this category bar info
      • Category Background Image URL - select the image URL for this category ie:

    10. Adding New Post

    Creating new post

    To create a new post, Please navigate to Posts → Add New.

    Post Formats

    Look support four WordPress native post formats. Each format has it's own custom fields (except Standard) for simple content making.

    • Standard - uses only the default fields.
    • Video - when you select this format a custom "Video Post" field will apper below the editor. Paste here the URL of the page with the video you want to add. Most of the video hosting sites are supported such as Vimeo and YouTube.
    • Gallery - when you select this format a custom "Gallery Post" box will apper below the editor. Adding the gallery:
      1. Click the "Add Image". The images manager will appear.
      2. Upload images you want to be in the galley
      3. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the images with your mouse. Click the "Select" button at the bottom. Now your images are added to the gallery
      You can drag & drop the images to rearrange the order.
      To remove the image from the gallery, place the mouse over the image and now you see the remove icon on the top right corner of the image. If you want to add another image click on "Add Image" button again.
    • Audio - when you select this format a custom "Audio Post" field will apper below the editor. Paste here the URL of the page with the audio track you want to add from Sound Cloud.
    You must select post format is gallery, audio or video Before add gallery image or URL

    Post Options

    By using options in this box you can desire what happens in the single post and add this post to different locations of your site.

    • 1. First Paragraph - You can select drop cap or style for each post.
    • 2. Post sidebar - You can assign sidebar for each post. This option will override default post sidebar in single options.
    • 3. Sidebar Position - You can select sidebar position for each post.
    • 4. Show Comment Box - You can disable comment for each post .This option will override default post sidebar in single options.

    11. Adding New Page

    Creating New Page

    To create a new page, Please navigate to Page > Add New

    12. Site Authors

    Author Avatar

    To make your author avatar to appear on your site, Please register at with the same email you registered at your site.

    Social Author Profiles

    We added some extra fields to the user profile page to extend the information about the authors of your site.

    To add a new author and information that will be visible on the front, following below steps:

    1. Navigate to Users then select user you want to change
    2. Contact Info: Type the website address
    3. About the user: Fill in the Biographical Info
    4. Social Profiles: Fill all the desired fields with the social profile username.

    13. Customization

    There are two ways to customize the theme without changing it's core files.

    It's important not to change the theme core files because every time we will update the theme, you will loose you changes.

    Custom CSS Code Via Theme Options

    To style the theme with custom CSS, navigate to Look -> Custom Code. The text box CSS Code is where you can write your own CSS code.

    Custom Code Via Child Theme

    Install child theme, then active it. You can now write your CSS into style.css of the child theme. You also can do more with child theme if you are a developer

    12. Translating theme

    Translate via 3rd party plugin

    To translate your entire website, Please follow below steps:

    1. Tell WordPress what language to use. Visit "Options > General" and select your language
    2. Download the plugin:
    3. Follow the instruction steps of the plugin, create a .PO file and translate what text you wish.

    Translate via PO.file

    To translate your entire website, Please follow below steps:

    1. Tell WordPress what language to use. Visit "Options > General" and select your language
    2. Download and install POEDIT:
    3. Connect to your site folder via FTP or Cpanel -> open your theme/languages directory
    4. Look for the look.pot file in the theme package, downloads and open it with POEDIT.
    5. Translate what the test you want and save it ie: pt_PT( pt_PT is an Internationalize code name, pt_PT is Portugues), You need to save the file name to fit with your language. You can find here: Two files will be generated after saving.
    6. Upload files after translating into wp-content/themes/trenblog/languages folder

    15. Updating theme

    This theme may be updated periodically in order to add new features and fix bugs. When a new update be available an update message will appears on your WordPress dashboard . As a customer, you can download the most current version from your ThemeForest account..

    Updating Automatically Via Envato Market

    Envato has developed the Envato Market Plugin for WordPress. You can use this to receive notification of updates to themes purchased from ThemeForest and to automatically update (upon clicking) directly from within your WordPress admin area.

    1. After installation, click on active this plugin.
    2. Click the new Envato Market link in the menu and follow the instructions to configure the plugin.

    Updating Theme Via FTP

    • Download the most current version from Themeforest
    • Unzip the package and locate in the theme folder.
    • find and unzip
    • Connect to your site via FTP
    • Upload the theme folder you unzipped to wp-content/themes
    • You should be asked to confirm overwriting of this folder and its contents. Confirm the overwrite.

    Updating Manually Via Admin Panel

    • Download the most current version from Themeforest
    • Unzip the package and locate in the theme folder.
    • Navigate to Appearance -> Themes
    • Active default Wordpress theme as Twenty Sixteen
    • Click on look theme, then find Delete text, Then click on Delete
    • Install look as a new theme then Active theme.
    Enjoy using LOOK. © 2016 THEMERUBY.COM